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Grants and subsidies for Flanders

Novaprime will assist you in obtaining premiums and subsidies for Flanders.

When to receive premiums in Flanders and subsidies in the Flemish region



of granting an

allowance/subsidy :

Market research
in a business
fair/exhibition abroad

4 important pieces of advice

1. No benefits can be provided until the allowance/subsidy has been accepted!

The administration always issues an acknowledgement of receipt to authorize a subsidy case. This authorization is granted only if no pre-application services have been provided.

2. Never make a payment before the allowance/subsidy has been accepted!

The administration systematically refuses to approve subsidies if the payment of an investment has already been made.

3. Carefully calculate the time frame in which your investment will be fully paid off!

The administration only reimburses investments made within a 6-month period. Beyond that, the subsidy is lost.

4. You cannot claim an allowance/subsidy for the same service two years in a row!

The administration does not subsidize the same digital investment (website, CRM, etc.) or consultancy investment (financial, legal, technical studies, etc.) twice in relation to the same project within a period of 2 years.

I would like my subsidy requests to be handled quickly.

I would like a consultation to help me understand more about allowances/subsidies.

Application for premiums/subsidies

Premiums/subsidies granted to companies in Flanders

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Employment growth

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What allowances and subsidies am I entitled to in Flanders?
KMO Groeisubsidie Internationalisering
KMO Groeisubsidie Innovatie
KMO Groeisubsidie Digitalisering
KMO Groeisubsidie circulair ondernemen
Starterspakket Internationalisering
Deelname aan een buitenlandse beurs
Ontwikkeling en vertaling van digitale internationale commerciële bedrijfscommunicatie
Oprichting van een prospectiekantoor buiten de EU, IJsland, Liechtenstein en Noorwegen
Internationaal maatwerkproject
Prospectiereis buiten de EU, IJsland, Liechtenstein en Noorwegen
Ecology premie plus
Strategische ecologie steun
Ontwrichte zone steun
Vrijstelling bedrijfsvoorheng voor O&O
Strategische Transformatiesteun (gekoppeld aan innovatie)
renovation of commercial premises
What determines access to premiums and subsidies for Flanders?
Thanks to a quick subsidy analysis by A-Chief, you will immediately know which subsidies your company can count on now or in the future in Flanders.
How much of an allowance/subsidy can I get in Flanders?
It's hard to say. It depends on the size of your project, the impact on employment, and the grant opportunities available.
When do I have to submit my file for premiums and subsidies for Flanders?
Most applications must be made during the open grant period. It is important to submit before the deadline. Be sure to be proactive with your application.
How soon can I receive premiums and subsidies for Flanders?
Most grants are proactive and forward-looking.

A quality service tailored to your needs

Novaprime will take all the necessary steps on your behalf and will pursue the allowance until it is obtained.




Application for premiums/subsidies
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