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Grants and subsidies for Brussels

Novaprime will assist you in obtaining premiums and subsidies for Brussels.



of granting an

allowance/subsidy :


Market research




Purchase of a commercial vehicle


Drafting of a contract by a lawyer


Sales training


Opening of a new establishment


in a business
fair/exhibition abroad

4 important pieces of advice

1. No benefits can be provided until the allowance/subsidy has been accepted!

The administration always issues an acknowledgement of receipt to authorize a subsidy case. This authorization is granted only if no pre-application services have been provided.

2. Never make a payment before the allowance/subsidy has been accepted!

The administration systematically refuses to approve subsidies if the payment of an investment has already been made.

3. Carefully calculate the time frame in which your investment will be fully paid off!

The administration only reimburses investments made within a 6-month period. Beyond that, the subsidy is lost.

4. You cannot claim an allowance/subsidy for the same service two years in a row!

The administration does not subsidize the same digital investment (website, CRM, etc.) or consultancy investment (financial, legal, technical studies, etc.) twice in relation to the same project within a period of 2 years.

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Allowances & subsidies granted to companies in Brussels-Capital

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What subsidies/allowances can I claim in Brussels?
You can benefit from subsidies/allowances for investments, exports, innovations, training, digitalization, and consultancy.
What are the steps involved in handling a subsidy case in Brussels?
A subsidy case comprises the following steps: preliminary phase, delivery of an acknowledgement of receipt, a 6-month period tor the subsidy phase to finish, closure of subsidy case by submitting the necessary supporting documents, the confirmation of the subsidy/allowance through the sending of a subsidy decision form, and the final step, implementation of the payment with the signing of a statement of claim.
What are the criteria for a company/self-employed person to be eligible for premiums and subsidies for Brussels?
The self-employed person/company must: - Have a head office located in the Brussels-Capital region - Belong to a sector that is eligible for subsidies/allowances - Not be going through bankruptcy or legal proceedings at the time the subsidy/allowance is provided

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