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Company bonuses & subsidies

Novaprime supports you
in the granting of premiums/subsidies.

For the 3 regions of the country:
Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders.

4 conditions to benefit
corporate bonuses :


The company must have a VAT number (natural or legal person) in an economic sector admitted by the Administration.


Your location determines which region will deliver your enterprise premiums.


The % of the premiums depends on the size of your company (the smaller your company size the higher the %).


Your company must be in good administrative and fiscal standing.
When to receive premiums in Brussels and subsidies in the Brussels region

The different profiles for which Novaprime has developed expertise in granting premiums:

- Property owners

- Establishment HORECA (Hotels-Cafés-Restaurants)

- Retail shops (bakery, butcher, florist, optician, etc.)

- Start-up
- Self-employed (natural or legal persons)

- Very Small Enterprises (VSEs)

- Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


What company premiums and subsidies am I entitled to?
You are entitled to bonuses/subsidies for investment in works, equipment, utility vehicle, security, digital, training, export...
What determines access to premiums/subsidies?
There are factors that determine access to company subsidies/awards:
- The location of your business in the Brussels-Capital Region
- The sector of activity that must be in the list of sectors admitted to Brussels
- Not being in court proceedings
- Being able to finance your investment
How much premium/subsidy can I get?
It depends on the type of subsidy, the area where your investment is located, the criteria that influence the % of the subsidy: basic aid, employment, starter, priority sectors...
When should I submit my premium/subsidy application?
You must submit your subsidy application before making any investment (down payment or final invoice).
How soon can I receive a premium/subsidy?
The timeframe can vary from 4 to 8 months depending on the amount of the grant and the accuracy of the closing documents.
Can I submit several files?
Yes, of course. However, depending on the type of subsidy, there are annual limits to the number of applications.
Application for premiums/subsidies

What bonuses are available in my region?

Select a region to learn more about the steps involved with allowances and subsidies.