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Energy grants & subsidies

for companies
and individuals.

Energy subsidies for companies

A1 - Services and studies : Energy audit

E3 - Thermal insulation of the roof

F1 - Thermal insulation of facades

G1 - Installation and replacement of doors and windows

G2 - Window repair and adaptation

H1 - Thermal insulation of floors

J1 - Boiler ≤100 kW individual or collective

J4 - Heating via heat pump

J6 - Thermal control

J8 - Solar thermal water heater

M2 - Controlled Mechanical Ventilation : System D
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Energy bonuses for individuals

A4 - Services and studies: Architect and engineer follow-up

B1 - Site installation: Protection and scaffolding

C1 - Structural work and water management : Supporting structures

C2 - Structural Work and Water Management: Sewers

C3 - Structural work and water management: Water harvesting
of rain

C4 - Structural work and water management: Demolition to permeate the soil

D1 - Sanitation : Humidity problem

D2 - Sanitation: Fungi, moulds and insects

E1 - Roofing : Roof Structure

E2 - Roofing : Roofing and waterproofing

E3 - Roofing: Thermal insulation of the roof

E4 - Roofing : Roofing Accessories

REQUIREMENT RQ5 - Roof: Green roof or water storage roof

F1 - Facades : Thermal insulation of facades

F2 - Facades : Cladding

F3 - Façades : Coating

F4 - Façades: Front embellishment

F5 - Façades: Rear and side embellishment

F6 - Façades : Acoustic insulation of walls

G1 - Exterior Doors and Windows: Placement
and replacement of doors and windows

G2 - Exterior Doors and Windows: Repair
and window adaptation

G3 - Exterior Doors and Windows : Door Repair

H1 - Floors : Thermal insulation of floors
and floor

H2 - Floors : Acoustic insulation of floors

I1 - Interior fittings : Stairs

I2 - Interior fittings : Bicycle space

I3 - Interior fittings : Fire protection

I4 - Interior fittings : Disabled people
or with reduced mobility

J1 - Heating and water heating: Boiler ≤100 kW individual or collective

J4 - Heating and water heating : Heating via pump
with heat

J5 - Heating and water heating : Low temperature radiators

J6 - Heating and water heating : Thermal control

J7 - Heating and water heating : Gas water heater

J8 - Heating and water heating : Solar thermal water heater

J9 - Heating and water heating : Water heating via pump
with heat

K1 - Sanitary : Equipment and installation
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